The editor of this site would like some help please.  She has placed some photos or drawings of some, "what's it's".  She would like to know more information about the object. There are some "ideas" on here too.  Please look at this whole page in order to view all the pictures. Thank You!

Most of these are photos of things we would like identified.  But then I have added some "ideas" too.  I have some grand ideas, but don't know how to go about making them. 

We found some tools and other things around the house here.  We are not sure what they are for. 

Then I have a Japanese scrapbook that I bought at a charity thrift store maybe.  I was hoping to find some of the people in the book. They or their descendants might want the book back.  It is sort of a story where some Americans? went to Japan. It looks to be not too long after W.W.II. They were engineers maybe?  They were studying earthquake damage and things like that it looks like.  All of this is a guess.  Maybe the Americans? (westerners) were learning how to build earthquake proof buildings?  If I remember correctly there is at least one photo of one of the Japanese men as a young boy. There might be some writing on the back of some of the photos.  I will see.  I have to hook up a scanner we just got before I scan in any photos.  I first have to connect our new printer.

Any help will be appreciated!!!!

Thank You!!!!

bulletPHOTO: - This is a label that was found on (in?) my Swiss Army back pack. (rucksack?) I bought it at Harry's Army Surplus on Telegraph Rd.  I just want help identifying the person whose back pack this once was.  If you know this person, let them know I have their back pack.  I am curious as to how old the back pack might be and what sorts of things it was used for.  I am also curious as to the "care and feeding" of this rucksack.  The leather straps are nearly broken in half.  Not good as they are what make the thing a "back pack". What sort of house is at this address.  Or, was this an army barracks?  I doubt anyone relevant will find this, but you never know... (Some day I hope to get a photo of the back pack (rucksack?) on here as well.)


bulletIDEA: - How to design a photo format so that a person can search via search engines like "Google", via photographs.  Although the "inventor" of this idea could become very rich, I am not interested in making tons of money off it as of now.  I am just interested in solving a problem that I have.
bulletWhat I want to "design" is a universal picture format that would act something like plain text does.  (like the text in "Note Pad")  That way I could scan in images, for example the marks off the bottom of a plate. (the logos off the bottoms of dishes)  I could then convert the image to the "universal image format" (or whatever it would be called).  And then I could paste that image into "Google" and search for other similar images in that "universal format". If you can figure out how to do this you could potentially become a gazillionaire.  Hopefully you would give me a part of the gazillions as a "finders fee" or some such.  I would really like to be able to put in some pottery marks and search for them in Google.  If you don't know the company name and you just have the "logo" it can be difficult to find more dishes like you have already.  This could potentially be used for hundreds of different things.  I doubt this would work for complex images like faces, but eventually that would be nice to develop too.  Then you could scan in old photos and see if anyone else has scanned in photos of those people and stuck them on the net.  I like to buy old photos and old postcards.  It would be nice to identify the people if possible.  That may take some doing though.  Simple line drawings of logos seems like it would be much easier. 


bulletHere is a photo gallery.  It shows photos and postcards of things and people we would like identified. You can click on each photo in order to view a larger version.  It may take a while, if you have a slow computer.

U.S. Fishery Postcard

This is a group of men at some gathering. They have banners with "NTSN" and "CLS" on them. Who are these men? I don't need to know their names unless you know that. I just want to know the name of the group and why these men are gathered together for the photo.

I found this photo amongst some old Bitner family photos. I have no idea why it was in the box. I suspect this box sat by the chair of G.W. "George" Bitner. Some of the photos in that box had brown spots on them. George used to spit in a coffee can that sat by the chair too. (he dipped snuff) We hope to at leas identify this group of men in some way. We also hope to learn why it was in the box of Bitner photos.

Symbols? From US Fishery photo

I am not sure if these markings are symbols or are mistakes.

Back of U.S. Fishery Postcard

I was hoping that the logo and printing might help us date or identify the photo in some way.

Photograph of a Painting on a Postcard

I bought this at some second hand shop. It sort of has a "radio" them. I don't know who painted the picture or what it is supposed to depect. It is a complete mystery to me. I remember seeing an art competition advertisement once. I think they wanted you to send a postcard with a photograph of your work on it? That was back in the early 1980's. Maybe someone took a photo of their painting so they could enter it into a competition?

Back of the postcard with the photo of a painting on it

I was hoping that the logo and printing might help us date or identify the photo in some way.

German Cat Postcard

This is a German postcard. The photographer was Oswald Elbl? (Elbi?) The name of the photo is "Katzenmusik"? (Katzenmusi what?) I find it difficult at times to make out the "Fraktur" font. (old German "gothic" looking font). I think this is the neatest cat. You can tell that this cat had a lot of personality. I always wanted a cat like this. Well, Dubhall is such a cat!! And NO, there is no such thing as reincarnation. (re-intern-carnation = using brown and wilted carnations as compost when you plant more carnations. Ha!)

Back of the German Cat Postcard

I was hoping that the logo and printing might help us date or identify the photo in some way. The text says, "Walter Flechsig Verlag Dresden". (Walter Flechsig publisher Dresden) I don't unerstand the rest of the text. It is numbers and abreviations.


Bottom of a Coke Bottle

This bottle is probably from the 1970's or 1980's. I am not sure. I found it in Texas. I painted the bottom with acrylic paint. I can't get it off now. The people at the bottle factory were trying to spell, "Texarkana" more than likely. They spelled "Texarkansa" instead. As far as I know, there is no such place as "Texarkansas". They could have tried to spell, "Texarkansas" and then they didn't have room for the final "s". I couldn't find, "Texarkansas" in Google. Wait a minute!!!! There is a Texarkansa in Arkansas!!!!! Wow!!!! I didn't know that!!!!!!! Never mind then. I thought this bottle might be worth something because the town name was spelled wrong. Then I painted on the town name to make it visible. The paint won't come off, so the value is ruined. But then I thought I could salvage it by finally getting the paint off... Oh well, maybe next time I will find that valuable bottle. Ha! I don't know what the deal is, I just found one listing for a "Texarkansa, Texas" in Google.

Bottom of a Brown Betty Tea Pot

I was putting some stuff away. I re-found the name of the pottery that is more than likely the maker of this pot. It is, "Alcock Lindley and Bloore". This company made mostly "brown betty" tea pots. Mine is a "brown betty" pot. I stuck this on here because I was trying to identify the maker of this tea pot. I think I know the name of the company that had this logo. I just scanned this in to try and find out for sure. I hope to get a photo of the body of the teapot on here some day.


bulletAnother Photo Gallery
bulletWe would like help with these items too please.  For more information on the image on the mug go to

Small Australian Cricket Bat

I am trying to identify the names on this cricket bat. I do not know if the men who signed it are famous cricketers or not. If you know who these people are, could you let me know? I got this in the summer of 2004 at an "estate sale" for $2.00 US. I don't think the people running the estate sale knew what this was. The people who originally owned the belongings in the house, had traveled the world. I could tell that by the books and other belongings in the house.

These are some pottery shards I found at my grandfather's farm. You never know what you will find there. I would like to identify the piece.

The same pottery shards with a blue bunny on them. I believe it might depect a blue bunny having a picnic.

I have this "mug" or large cup that depects seven men and a white horse. There is an English road sign that says, "Widecombe" on it. Six men are on the horse, and one man is leading the horse. I am trying to age the piece, and also identify the marks on the bottom of it. Here is a picture of the bottom scanned in.

This is another view of the bottom. I have tried to make the marks easier to read.

This is the first picture of the image on the mug itself. You can read about the folk song that this image depects on "Wikipedia" and then under "Uncle Tom Cobley". Or go to . See below for more.

Second picture of image on the mug. I would like to age this mug and also find out a value. Thanks!

Can you tell me what this is? I think it is a piece of film. I found it as a book mark in a book.

Click on the image above this text in order to view a larger version of it.



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