Why I came to put this information on this site The story behind my putting my adoption information on here.

Very Simply Put "Digested" version of my genealogy information. Hopefully this is simple enough and easy to read.  For more information, see the pages below. 

My Adoption Information Things about my birth family that I have gathered via my de-identified file and by doing genealogy research. There is some information I know about my birth father, "Franklin".  I am hunting Franklin to see if he wants to know me. This information is some of what I know as of March, 2006.

Genealogy Information Information I have gathered about, what I believe to be my biological mother's family. The last names are, Wallace, Story, Beers (and McKennon). The main cities involved are, Normal, Illinois; Wichita Falls, Texas; and Sherman, Texas. 

Finding Franklin Trying to find my biological father. If you are related to Linda, my birth mother and you run across any photos of Linda and "Franklin" and there is a name on the back, will you let me know that name?  If you have any way of knowing who Linda was dating during the spring time "back in the day" will you let me know that? The only way I will know for sure if Franklin is my birth father is to do a genetic test. My file says (on page 4), “If her baby has dark hair and complexion the information on the Putative Father will have to be changed”. I am not dark at all, but who knows I could be "recessive genes" or something like that.

My Adoption Story The story of how I came find the woman I believe to be my birth mother. (The more detailed version, which has yet to be written and stuck on here.)

Adoption Links Various links to sites that deal with various aspects of adoption. (has yet to be put together)


Handwritten Note by Ellen Drews...  (You can click on it and view a larger version.)

This is a hand written note written by "Ellen Drews".  In it she is giving the authorities permission to give her baby girl up for adoption.  "Ellen Drews" is the "house" name used by "Linda" born in Normal, Illinois to Eleanor and Richard.  Linda would have been 20 when she wrote this.

(The text on the far right was cut off when they photocopied this.)




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