Food and Health Pages


bullet Beans And Cornbread This is a page of home cooking recipes. Not all the recipes are 100% healthy. (they may call for white flour or something like that)  But they are guaranteed to taste good!!  One thing to remember, is that animal fats are not necessarily bad for you!  These recipes are best made with "real" food and not "imitation" substitutes!!!!
bullet Food, "Dieting" and "Size" Rant The "rant" that was originally on the "Beans and Cornbread" page.
bullet Healthy Eating Links Not what the diet dictocrats ordered!
bullet Second Healthy Eating Links This is the "rant" that was originally on the "Healthy Eating Links" page.
bullet A Story From Robyn This is a story about what effect words can have on young girls as regards diet and health.
bullet Interesting Threads of Thought This is my brain connecting together certain things I have read.  This is also dealing with "health".
bullet Some of the History of Medicine This page is my "take" on some aspects of the history of medicine.