Things Found In Books
Very funny stuff!  People find all sorts of stuff in books.

Enclosures A collection of ephemera found between the pages of secondhand books

UBC Find of the Week Archive [Brookline Used Book Cellar] 

Bibliobuffet Writing Worth Reading, Reading Worth Writing About
On Marking Books The Legend of the Bacon Bookmark by Laine Farley


Mirage Bookmark: Beautiful Bookmark Exhibition, History of Bookmarks Mirage Bookmark presents web's most comprehensive reference site on bookmarks 

Inside Books: Bookmark of the Week

Bookmark Collector

Book Covers

Judge a Book by its Cover
De gustibus non est disputandum. There's no accounting for taste. 

More "Serious" Book Stuff

A library bigger than any building 
BBC Article about "The Open Library".

The Open Library
Some day, an online catalogue of every book every written. 

"Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain. LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain."

Book Blogs

Writing About Old Books... (etc.) I don't always agree with every word written in this blogs. I generally run across these while searching for other things.  Of course, this isn't a definitive list.  As I find more, I will stick them on here.  I try to put on here the "most interesting" ones I find. Take them as they come.

Bioluminescence  Very beautifully constructed blog.  I discovered it by accident when I typed, "Writing About Old Books" into Google. 

It's a Crime! (or a mystery...) "crimeficreader" 

Fancy a Brew?

Grumpy Old Bookman


The Book Guide "your guide to sources of secondhand and antiquarian books in the UK".

"Shelf:Life - what's new in the world of old books and book collecting, links to the news stories that matter, and occassional comments by TheBookGuide".