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I scanned in some scrapbook pages. 

The photo that lead you to this page is of a British Bush Radio Ltd. BP 90.  I got it at an auction in Texas.  You can read more about this radio on my "Radio Favorites" page. 

I scanned the scrapbook pages as photos.  I did not know how to convert the newspaper clippings to text.  I am using a scanner that wasn't meant to be used with Windows XP.  It works, but not 100% like it should. It is time consuming to get it to do photos sometimes.  I took me "forever" to figure out how to get it to scan photos.  It might take me longer to figure out how to make it convert things to text. A friend tried to scan these in for me before.  He said they wouldn't scan because the back ground was too close in color to (the text?).  I wasn't sure what he meant.  Maybe he was trying to convert the articles into text?

Anyway these are mostly from Detroit News papers.  There is one photo of a radio from an S&H Green Stamps catalogue.  (People got these stamps when they bought groceries [and maybe gas?].  They would stick them in books.  They would redeem the books for merchandise.) There is another radio from a Duro catalogue.  Duro was gasoline?  I don't know.  I just found the old catalogue.  You redeemed something to get the merchandise out of it. I tried to keep the dates from the top of the page, when I glued in the newspaper  articles.  And no, I didn't use acid free glue or archival paper.  I wonder if when I scanned them in to the computer, they got put on acid free pixels or whatever it would be? Ha!

The radio writers are planning a strike for script rights, according to an April, 9, 1947.  I wonder how the strike ended? Also, on April 9, 1947,  A guy asked an airplane mechanic, why he was putting a radio into the plane, if the airplane went faster than the speed of sound.  One of the pages even includes a short-wave radio schedule from May 12, 1937.  Most of the stuff is 1930's and 1940's.  There isn't much really. The files are large though.

Radio Advertisements Page One

This has a Sylvania Radio Tubes ad. There's a card or sticker from RCA Service Company, Inc. It was located in Detroit. There is a photo of a radio that appeared in a Duro Catalogue, and a radio that appeared in an S&H Green Stamps catalogue.

Radio Advertisements Page Two

This one has an advertisement from Sears for "Auto Radios". These went into the car. This ad is from May 12, 1937. There's another ad which looks to be from the same date advertising a Babe Ruth Contest on WJR. One of the prizes were 20 RCA Victor Auto Radios. There's a cartoon from April 9, 1947. And then there's another 1947 radio advertisement for an Arvin AC-DC for $15.95. Can you imagine having to pay the $15.95 in timed payments? That was really an ad for a shop, "Simmons & Clark". They were "out of the high rent district". I guess they had better prices?

Radio Schedules Page One

The Wednesday Afternoon and Evening schedules for May 12, 1937. Then there's "Short-Wave HJighlights" from the same date. Moscow had a program scheduled for that evening, "Religion in the USSR". But the "main event" that day was "The coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth". The coronation was aired over London at 6:20 p.m. our local time. Then at 9:50 p.m. there was Empire greetings to King George VI. Etc. Louella O. Parsons reported on April 8, 1947 that Hal Wallis was buying the rights to the radio drama, "Sorry, Wrong Number". And finally on this page, is an advertisement from the Detroit Times, April 8, 1947. You can hear News by Joseph Hainline Mondays Thru Saturdays at 6 P.M. on WJR. You can also hear "Uncle Toby" dramatize the world famous Detroit Sunday Times Comics on WJR every Sunday morning.

Radio Schedules Page Two

There is the "Tune In On This" column by Pat Dennis Radio Editor. That is from May 12, 1937. It is the latest news about radio and the goings on in radio. There are Thursday Morning and Thursday Afternoon radio schedules for that date as well. The Detroit Tigers played the Red Sox and you could hear it on WWJ. I wonder if they won that one? I didn't know that WWJ was once the home of the Detroit Tigers.

Radio Schedules Page Three

Radio Guide from the Detroit Times of April 8, 1947. Programs supplied by radio stations; subject to change without notice.

Radio Schedule Page 4

Detroit Free Press schedule from April 9, 1947. There is a Free Press Guide to Detroit Radio Stations at the top of the page.

Someone practicing Morse's Alphabet

Don't know if this is upside down or not. I found this in a book copyright in 1879.

This is the same practice again.

I turned it the other way to get this version. I am not sure which is the "right way round".

Morse's Alphabet from Moore's Universal Assistant---copyright 1879.

Moore's Universal Assistant has everything. It has cooking recipes. (bread recipe calls for three barrels of flower) It tells you how to make printer's ink. It tells you how to break horses. As well as other interesting things.


If you own the copyright to these records, please let me know. These are on here for non commercial educational purposes only.  If I have put them on here in error, I will remove them.

I bought these records at a charity thrift store in Ft. Worth, Texas back in the 1980's. (in 1986 or before)  These are all the records that came in this album.

SOLD If you know someone who can give these records a good home, I would like to know ThanksSOLD

Click on the photos below in order to see a larger version.  The sound files are in MP3 format. You may have to have the volume up high in order to hear these well.

Top part of label on the album cover.

Bottom part of label of album cover.

Index inside front cover of album.

A similar lable is on most of these records.

One record has this label.

Another record has this label.

Army Institute Basic Radio Code
Prepared Under the Supervision of The Chief Signal Officer and the Special Service division, S.O.S. War Department
Mfg. by Allied Record Mfg. Co. Hollywood, Calif.

The text in black ( ) is what is handwritten in pencil on the record's label.  These are all the records that came in this album.


5A LCM 138 Unit II Single   (BDKNTVY)                                                      4, 780 KB   Duration: 0:05:05 


5B LCM 139 Unit II Single (Cont.)  (BDKNTVY)                                      4,726 KB    Duration: 0:05:02


13A LCM 154 Units I-IV Groups of Four (Cont.)                            4,883KB    Duration: 0:05:12


13B LCM 155 Unit V Single                                                                   4,814KB    Duration: 0:05:08


14A LCM 156 Unit V Single (Cont.)                                                         4,696KB     Duration: 0:05:00


14B LCM 157 Unit V Groups of Five    (NUMBERS BOTH)  4,414KB   Duration: 0:04:42


15A LCM 158 Unit I-V Groups of Five                                                     4,495KB     Duration: 0:04:47


15B LCM 159 Units I-V Groups of Five (Cont.)                               4,667KB Duration: 0:04:58


17A LCM 162 Eight Words Per Minute                                                  4619KB      Duration: 0:04:55


17B LCM 163 Eight Words Per Minute                                                     4,700KB  Duration: 0:05:00


18A LCM 164 Ten Words Per Minute                                                    4,686KB    Duration: 0:04:59


18B LCM 165 Ten Words Per Minute                                                            4,289KB    Duration: 0:04:34


19A LCM 166 Ten Words Per Minute                                                        4,654KB    Duration: 0:04:57


19B LCM 167 Twelve Words Per Minute                                                        4,632KB   Duration: 0:04:56


22A LCM 172 Twenty Words Per Minute                                             4,539KB   Duration: 0:04:50


22B LCM 173 Twenty Words Per Minute                                            4,429KB   Duration: 0:04:43


AudioDisk 5 Letter Combinations 10 W.P.M.  (165 Letters)           3,037KB   Duration: 0:03:14


AudioDisk  10 W.P.M.  (165 Letters)                                               3,104KB    Duration: 0:03:18


Presto Lesson # 7    23689                                                                 4,002KB   Duration: 0:04:16


Presto CW & Voice Lesson # 8  2 Stories                                         3,8822KB    Duration: 0:04:04



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