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Wednesday June 20, 2007


What Was Dubhghall Doing?

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From: Writerwithbottles
Category: Hello
Date: Thursday July 20, 2006
Time: 12:18:25 -0500


Thank you for leaving your post. I hope this forum is a blessing to you.


Texarkansa Coke bottle

From: Brian in Longview, Texas
Category: I read something on this site, and I want the world to know my opinion:
Date: Tuesday July 25, 2006
Time: 20:11:27 -0500


Hi! I have an identical Coke bottle with "Texarkansa, Texas" on the bottom. This is definitely a misspelling, as there is no such city in Texas. But there is, of course, a city named "Texarkana, Texas." As a kid growing up in the '60s and '70s, whenever I finished drinking a Coke, I always looked at the bottom of the bottle to see where it originated, in hopes of finding one from really far away. (I was always disappointed when I got a bottle that didn't have a city imprinted). I found this bottle in the early '70s and immediately recognized it as a goof, so I kept it as a curiosity. One of my co-workers is a serious Coca Cola collector, who buys and sells vintage Coke bottles and memorabilia on eBay. I showed him my bottle and he agreed that it must be a misspelling, and said he had never seen another like it, so he really didn't know if it had any value. Probably not a lot. He offered to buy it from me, but since neither of us knew what it was worth, I said no. I've kept it this long, I suppose I'll keep it another 30 years.


Re: Texarkansa Coke bottle

From: Writerwithbottles
Category: Other
Date: Wednesday July 26, 2006
Time: 21:00:36 -0500


I hope you find this post. Thanks for writing. I'm originally from Texas. It is good to hear from a fellow Texan. I kind of suspected that this was a mis-spelling. God Bless