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First set of signatures that were on the back of the album cover.

Second set of signatures that were on the back of the album cover.

This is the best I could do on the record cover. I had to splice it together. It is 722 KB JPEG, 2333 x 2465.

This is the lable on the record itself. This is side one.

This is side two of the record lable.



I am Robyn in Michigan (Littlefield, class of 1982).  My adoptive mother was, Teddye Jo Bitner Davis. She was a member of the Littlefield, Texas High School Choir of 1957.  They made it all the way to "State" that year.  If I understand correctly, they won "Sweepstakes".  They even made an LP record. (33 1/3 rpm)  The Engineer was Norman Petty, Buddy Holly's producer.  Mom used to brag about how well they did considering they were from "Podunk".

Oops! Somehow I thought I had neglected to tell, "ya'll" that you can hear this record via this page.  Just click on the song titles near the top of this page. So I wrote it on here again.  The songs are in MP3 format if you would like to know that. (I have added this paragraph, May 15, 2006--and updated it August 15, 2006.)

I am sorry to say, but this copy of the album is not for sale.  If you are desperate to find a copy to purchase, please see below. If you want to sell a copy of this record, see below as well.

I know there isn't too much to this page.  I am in the process of trying to collect stories and photos to go on this page.  If you have any more information for this page I would appreciate hearing from you.  Also, if I am violating anyone's copyrights, please let me know, and I will remove the "offending" item(s).

I tried to reconstruct the album cover. Click on the song titles above in order to hear the songs. The songs are in MP3 format. I am not sure they are 100% the best sound quality.  The quality is due to a combination of the original recording quality, the record itself, my equipment, and my ability or know how.

You can click on the smaller photos above, in order to see a larger version.  (photos = choir, and signatures on the back of the album cover)  The larger photos may take a while to view, if you have a slow computer. 

This has been a labor of love.  It is difficult for me to hear the music and not hear Mom in there somewhere.  Then the waterworks start to leak.  If you like what I have done, OR better yet, you have more things to add to this page, please let me know!! You can contact me via the "Feedback" page.

Norman Petty Links:

bullet http://www.tsimon.com/petty.htm
bulletPage about Norman Petty producer.   
bullet http://www.superoldies.com/pettystudios.html
bulletNorman Petty Studios Clovis, New Mexico 
bullet http://www.musicdish.com/mag/?id=8104
bulletBuddy Holly also recorded "That'll be the Day" during 1957 in the same studio.  This link is to an account of the recording of "That'll be the Day" by Gary and Ramona Tollett.  The Tolletts were back up singers on "That'll be the Day".  Gary was from Littlefield. 

Links about, "Likeable, Loveable, Littlefield":

bullet http://www.littlefieldtexas.org/
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bulletLittlefield, Texas from Wikipedia.  You can learn a lot of Littlefield's demographics here.
bullet http://www.epodunk.com/cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=26704
bulletLittlefield, Texas city profile at "epodunk".    


I am sorry to say, but this copy of the album is not for sale. (Norman Petty collectors are interested in buying this record.) If you are desperate to find a copy to purchase, you can try to contact the Littlefield, Ex-Students Association.  Then try to find someone who was in the 1957 Choir.  That person (or those persons) might have a copy.  Littlefield High School, might accidentally have a copy, but I am not sure they would be "into" selling it. I also have no idea what this album would be worth.  If you have a copy, and someone wants to buy it, it would be in your best interest to become educated about the album, before you sell it! (May 15, 2006-- You can always go to Google and do an "advanced" search.  Type "Littlefield Texas" in the "exact phrase" slot. Type "antiques" into the slot on top.  Then search for that.  Google will pull up the names, addresses and phone numbers of the, "antique" shops in town.  You can always ask them if they have this record, or if they can keep an eye out for it.)


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