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This is the page where I am testing various sound files.

January 25, 2009 I am re-doing this page a little bit.  I am adding a section to it and moving one section up and one section down.

On this page you will find various sound files.  They are in MP3 format.  Just click on the file that you want to hear.  In a minute or two you should hear sound.  On some computers it will take a while for the sound to come up.  If a screen pops up asking if you want to "download" the files, tell the computer you only want to listen to them. (if that is available) If you have any problems listening to his page, please let me know.  If I need enlarge the text on this page in order to make it easier to read, you can let me know about that too.

Each Section should be self explanatory. 

1. The most recent files, "Robyn Having Fun With GarageBand".

2.  "Selections For You", these are either sounds that I want to have identified, or sounds I want to show someone.

3.   "Analogue Recordings", testing the equipment we were using at the time.  I was hoping to get into something akin to "Podcasting".  I was testing the sound files that Douglas and I did.  These were done sometime around the time we first put this website together, April 2005. 


Robyn Having Fun With "GarageBand"

This section of this page is being put together January 25, 2009.  I bought a MacBook on January 7, 2009.  It has been an incredible learning experience.  I bought a B.L.U.E. "Snowball" microphone that works with GarageBand on, January 17, 2009. "GarageBand" is a program that came with the MacBook.  It allows you to make recordings.  It is like a very fancy tape recorder, or a very basic recording studio.  There are "loads" of things you can do with GarageBand.  You can record speaking voices.  You can record singing voices.  You can record live musical instruments.  It also comes with a built in piano and lots of synthesizer sounds.  It even comes with "sample" loops. (That is, pre-recorded samples [snippets] of music that can be incorporated into a larger piece of music.) I have been experimenting with GarageBand.  Some of what I have doesn't sound very "good". I am learning. "Good" is relative I guess. I am heavily influenced by some of the "electronic" music that I have heard via CBC Radio 2.  Especially what I hear on "The Signal," and "Nightstream" programs.

Here I go putting this part of the page together with "digital" sounds; as I listen to analogue radio via Radio Exterior d'Espaņa.  I'm listening to what I assume to be a "La Liga" (soccer, football) match in Spanish. ["La Liga" = the League.  Don't ask me who's playing/winning, as I don't know Spanish well enough.] Another side note, I was recently watching a documentary about the Helvetica font. In the shots where they were interviewing eminent graphic designers, I kept seeing the Apple logo on all the computers seen in the background.  Before I saw this, I was thinking that to be "compatible" with the wider world, I had to do things in Windows.  When I saw those Apple computers, I was very happy to think, "Wow! I have one too.". 

Some of these do not qualify as "music" probably.  At least not "music" in any "traditional" sense of the word. Douglas doesn't like any of these.  I like some better than others.  I do listen to some pretty strange stuff that is commercially available at times.  Most of it is rarely Douglas' cup of tea.  (If you want a play-list of what I mean by "strange stuff" click here.) 

I will stick these in the order I remember recording them.  One or two were recorded over two days or so.  The thing with GarageBand is you can record things in layers.  You can put sound on top of sound. For example, with the music feature, you can record one instrument and then another.  One person can play a whole band if they want to.  Then when you save it, it melds the various instruments into one song. 

You can read my comments and decide for yourself which ones you want to listen to.  These are fairly short files by the way.  The ones recorded with sounds found around the house, need a louder volume in order to be heard properly.  The ones made with sounds from GarageBand, need to be heard at a lower volume probably.


Experiment 1   1:08 (one minute and eight seconds long)
This is the first one I did.  January 16, 2009  It is really not very good. It sounds very gloomy.  This one will give you some idea of what can be done with GarageBand.  These are sounds built into GarageBand.  I am playing them on the piano that comes with it.


Experiment 2    1:38
From, January 16, 2009.  I like this one a lot better.  Somehow I wonder if the "melody" isn't copyright.  It almost reminds me of the 1970's song, "Rollercoaster" in some way.  I am not meaning to violate anyone's copyright. These are sounds built into GarageBand.  I am playing them on the piano that comes with it. 


Hello Number 1   0:29
January 16, 2009  I was clowning around with the Sony microphone, and Professional Walkman (see below). This one is a bunch of layered sounds from around the house.  There is my voice, a tea kettle, a typewriter.  In case you were wondering, I'm typing, "H E L L O" repeatedly.  What I did was, connect the tape recorder (Professional Walkman) to the computer.  I set the tape recorder to record, without a tape in it.  I used the microphone connected to that to get the sound onto the computer.  It was a very simple thing to do.  I don't like doing it, as it seems like it could be "hard" (difficult) on the motor. I still have a couple boxes of blank tapes.  I want my tape recorders to last as long as they can.  That's why I invested in the "Snowball".


The Assault on the Sense of Hearing    1:31
January 17, 2009  This one was recorded with the Snowball.  It is a bunch of layered sounds that can be heard around our house.  I'll list the sounds in the order I recorded them.  You won't be able to hear them in this order though.  I stuck the quieter ones near the end, and others near the front.  How many of these do you hear? (One item was removed.) It is advantageous to listen to this one with the volume up louder than the rest.

Squeak of two hot water bottles; a small transistor radio playing Radio Havana Cuba as the listener tunes the radio to produce a squeal; price sticker on a can of soup (very faint); a knife sawing through cardboard producing a squeak; twisting the stopper of a "fancy" perfume bottle to produce a squeak; plastic wrapper opening; knife against a bottle; heavy plastic wrapper and wet fingers producing another squeak like sound; a thick glass singing; small metal Christmas "charms" in a glass rattling; a thin glass singing; bubble wrap with small bubbles; floor squeaking as I walk on it while I allow the faucet to drip; faucet dripping 1; faucet dripping 2; (I was trying to get it to drip loudly)-- water in steel cooking pan (stewer); stirring soup in can + cat meowing; plate and spoon; loud chewing; slurping of soup; fork against a plate; spoon scraping against a bowl.


2The Assault on the Sense of Hearing   1:31
January 23, 2009  This is pretty much the same as the one above.  The only difference is the way I "saved" this version. I "saved" it in such a way that it has better sound supposedly.  It is a larger file.  I was trying to boost the volume a little bit.  Don't know that I accomplished anything by "saving" it that way.

Experiment No. 3   0:32
January 23, 2009  This is another one made with the sounds in GarageBand.  I used one of their "sample loops".  It is the string orchestra part you hear repeated. 

Experiment No. 4 January 23, 2009    1:01
January 23, 2009 This one is from the sounds in GarageBand too. I took the rasping sounds I recorded for Experiment No. 3 and stuck that on here.  This one always sounds like it needs something.  The rasping doesn't help it any.  (see next one)

Experiment No. 4 January 23, 2009 Two    1:01 (probably)
January 25, 2009  This is essentially the selection above with the rasping sound removed.  This one isn't too bad.





Do You Know Who This Is?   
bullet I know who this is, do you? 1
bullet I know who this is, do you? 2

      My Uncle Calling  
bullet September or October 1989
bulletI was recording my favorite Benny Goodman the only way I had.  I stuck the tape recorder next to the record player.  It was not available to use a "patch cord".  I probably jumped when the phone rang.  It was my Mother's brother calling to ask if I had silverware (flat ware).  This was right after I got married.  I was planning on living near Mom somewhere near North Richland Hills. I didn't understand that God didn't want me living there! I didn't know that God had already provided us with more than one set of silverware.  I told my uncle that I didn't have any silverware.  At that instant, I did not know I had any. We ended up living here in Michigan.  We moved into my husband's grandparent's house.  They had their stuff, we found my husband's parent's wedding presents up in the attic.  We also had our wedding presents.  We still have the silver ware my uncle gave us.  We hope to use it for company some day. (this isn't the whole song as some of it got recorded over--you don't hear me talking as, I ran in the other room so I wouldn't "disturb" the recording any further)

Is this a skunk? OR is it a raccoon?
bullet Animal July 5, 2006
bulletI recorded this in the night.  It was the early morning of July 5.  There were still fireworks going off from July 4.   (That's the "explosions" you hear.)  I am not sure if this is a skunk or a raccoon.  We have been getting a skunk around our house in the night.  I didn't smell it when I heard this sound. This sounds something like a raccoon. Normally we smell the skunk through the windows.  We don't have air-conditioning.  It hasn't been that hot in the evenings either. We keep the windows open.  We don't spray for weeds or bugs, so we get all sorts of wildlife in the yard.  We saw a toad the other day.  It was the first toad I remember seeing here.  That is a GOOD sign!!!!  We get all sorts of butterflies and other insects too.  A lot of them are "good" insects.  The butterflies are pretty. 

        Can You Help Me Identify These?
bullet Radio France International
bulletI am trying to identify what is in this sound file. I was listening to Radio France International in August of 1986.  I do not know much French at all.  There are two songs, then the opening credits to what I think might have been a radio drama.  After that is something "funny".  There was a glitch and the record stuck.  The DJ said something humorous at the end of the record.  I would like to know the names and artists of the two songs.  I would also like to know the name of the radio drama--if it was a radio drama.  And lastly, can you also tell me the name of the DJ at the end?  He had a program on RFI that must have been very popular.  He played all sorts of "pop" music from, France, Africa (and sometimes the U.S. and England, if I remember correctly). The broadcast would have been beamed to Africa.  The program aired during what I think was the middle of the afternoons my local time.  That would have been between maybe, 18:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC.

Analogue Recordings:

Find below the recordings we did on a tape recorder.  I connected the tape recorder to the computer and recorded them onto the hard drive.  I believe I used Roxio for most of the recordings.  I may have used Audacity but am not sure at this point.  Maybe I tell that in the text below.

I want to interview Believers on Biblical subjects. I hope to put them on this web site eventually.

I am experimenting with the recording equipment and so on.  Any input will be appreciated. Thanks! 

I have figured out how to put sound files on here.  I am trying to figure out which ones sound best. 

My voice should be on here.   If you click on the links and nothing happens, let me know please.  Don't ask me how it works. 

This is not always serious stuff in these files.  We are simply testing the equipment to see which sounds best. 

I use two programs to record from audio tape onto the hard drive.  One is "Roxio Sound Editor".  That one I bought.  The other one is an open source one called "Audacity".  Audacity was recommended on the net for "cheap" podcasting.

This first set is done with my little Sony Professional Walkman and then with my Marantz.  The Marantz is in mono.  The Walkman is supposed to be stereo.   The Sony would record both voices but they would only be on the left of the Roxio program.  With the Marantz the voices are on both sides of the Roxio program.

All the sound files on this page are at 48kbps bit rate. [Unless otherwise noted.] (44.1 KHz sample rate) I am not sure if any of the files recorded originally in "mono" were saved as "stereo".  I assume they all were.  Yet, some of the "mono" files at the bottom might have been saved as "mono".  I saved two of the "stereo" files as "mono" as a test.  When I was working on those, so I might have saved the "mono" as "mono". I can't remember how I did it exactly. 


bullet Testing Two ROXIO
bullet 591KB (592KB) size / 0:01:40 duration
bullet Testing Two AUDACITY
bullet595KB (596KB) size / 0:0:1:41 duration
bullet Testing Four ROXIO
bullet388KB (389KB) size / 0:01:06 duration
bullet Testing Four AUDACITY
bullet 412KB (413KB) size / 0:01:10 duration

Glorious Monophonic:

This second set is done with the Marantz and the Panasonic microphones.  Marantz PMD 201; Panasonic RP-8315; plugged into a Radio Shack 274-313 adapter plug.  (Stereo Dynamic Microphone; Stereo-to-Stereo Dual Headphone Adapter)  I think these below are the best quality sound.  Can you let me know if you can hear it, and understand the speech ok?  I know the voices/sounds are too loud at times and there is distortion.  I can prevent that in future recordings.  I was just trying to see if I could get loud enough clear sound, that would be easy to hear online.

On one of these, I am reading part of a poem into one of the mics.  I have the other mic. parked up to my shortwave radio.  So I am reading a poem as the BBC World Service is speaking into the other mic.  The whole point of the exercise is to see if the sound from both mics. comes out clearly at the same time.  That way when I do these interviews, two people can talk at the same time (which happens sometimes in conversation) and it will come out ok.


bullet Testing ROXIO  Five
bullet 754KB (755KB) size / 0:02:08 duration
bullet Testing AUDACITY Five
bullet683KB (684KB) size / 0:01:56 duration
bullet Testing ROXIO Six
bullet473KB (474KB) size / 0:01:20 duration
bullet AUDACITY Six
bullet 489KB (490KB) size / 0:01:23 duration
bullet Testing AUDACITY Seven
bullet 471KB (472KB) size / 0:01:20 duration
bullet Testing ROXIO Seven
bullet1.60MB (1,641KB) size / 0:04:39 duration
bullet Testing AUDACITY Eight
bullet 1.56MB (1,599KB) size / 0:04:32 duration   [Can you guess what the sound "story" is near the front of this one?  It might take a while go figure it out, but I am making something.]

I suspect the following will have the better sound quality.  They won't be in true stereo as I recorded them with the Marantz.

bullet Testing The Two With ROXIO 1
bullet696KB (697KB) size / 0:01:58 duration 48kbps bit rate
bullet Testing The Two With AUDACITY 1
bullet726KB (727KB) size / 0:02:03 duration 48kbps bit rate 
bullet Testing The Two With ROXIO 1
bullet813KB (814KB) size / 0:01:58 duration 56kbps bit rate 
bullet Testing The Two with AUDACITY 1
bullet848KB (849KB)size / 0:02:03 duration 56kbps bit rate 

Below is a test to see how much web space a 46 minute "interview" would take up.  We recorded ourselves reading through and discussing Acts chapters 1 and 2. The files below are the results. I used Roxio for all of these files. The tape I used for the Bible Study was 46 minutes long.  (The files recorded with the Sony Pro. Walkman were recorded in stereo. The microphone was across the room a bit.  The recording level was set almost to 10.  This particular recording did not use the whole tape.  These files recorded with the Sony Pro. Walkman are not 46 minutes long.)


bullet Getting Ready to Record Study of Acts 1 and 2
bulletSaved as mono at 48kbps. Recorded with Sony Pro. Walkman in STEREO.
bullet Getting Ready to Record Study of Acts 1 and 2
bulletSaved as mono at 56kbps.  Recorded with Sony Pro. Walkman in STEREO.
bullet Robyn and Douglas Studying Acts 1 and 2
bulletMarantz Mono 48kbps (These two do not sound as good as I had hoped.  I think the recording level wasn't high enough when I recorded them onto my hard drive.)
bullet Robyn and Douglas Studying Acts 1 and 2
bulletMarantz Mono 56kbps (These two do not sound as good as I had hoped.  I think the recording level wasn't high enough when I recorded them onto my hard drive.)
bullet Robyn and Douglas Studying Acts 1 and 2
bulletSony Pro. Walkman 48kbps STEREO (NOT 46 minutes long.)
bullet Robyn and Douglas Studying Acts 1 and 2
bulletSony Pro. Walkman 56kbps STEREO (NOT 46 minutes long.)


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