July 6, 2008   I have several pages about books on this site...  There are...

Writings about books.  A catalogue of our library.  Some information about collecting books.  Scans of things I have found in books.  A page of "fun" book links.  etc. 

Just scroll down this page to see what's on here.  Then click on the title to view the page you want to look at or read. 


(I write about books.) I write about various aspects of [mostly "old"] books. There's writing about garage sale finds and other things that come up as "we" collect books. [Yes! I have frogs in my pockets.] I write about books we have already and things I've read in books. You never know what might end up here.  If you want to see how I came to collect books, see also the page on "Collecting".


On September 18, 2006 I started a page, about collecting books. On this page, I am writing about collecting books---values; how to care for books etc. I am collecting links about old, used and rare books. You can also learn about the "care and feeding" of your library on here.  Some day maybe I will write more on this page.  I have learned some new things.  This should get your started though.


Books To Look For/Books To Avoid
Types of books that I know have value, and types I know of that have virtually no value.  This is NOT a comprehensive list. I am not an expert.

January 10, 2008-- I have a new page added on here with images of Stuff Found In Old Books. When I buy books, they sometimes have interesting things inside them. As I write about the books, I will, at times, make note of what I have found inside them. Now, you can view what I find--that is if it is appropriate to scan it in and stick it on here.


July 12, 2007--I added a page with "Fun Book Links". I run across  links to all sorts of fun things dealing with books.


Catalogue Raisonné--that is, a catalogue of our books arranged according to subject. This will probably never be finished.

Current categories catalogued:

  • Biblical Books (Under Construction)
  • Biblical Scientific Books
  • Botany and Gardening Books
  • Health and Medical Books
  • Radio Books

August 29, 2008 I am currently cataloguing a lot of books onto LibraryThing.  This list and the online list are not in synch yet.  It is easier to get books catalogued onto LibraryThing than it is to hand type them onto this website.  I haven't found a way to export the catalogue from there to this site. In the process of doing this cataloguing, I find that I have books in common with librarians. I was invited to join a BBC Radio 3 group on there. That was cool as this is the last day of CBC Radio 2 being a classical music station. They are making the switch to jazz on Tuesday. You can click on the little box next to this to view the library.   January 1, 2009, they didn't go to "all jazz".  They have a nice mix of music now.  Not as much classical, but it is nice yet.



Further categories coming eventually:

England/UK; Scotland;
Germany/German Language; Switzerland; Austria;
/Russia/Russian Language;
History---World/U.S./Texas/Western U.S./ Michigan/Canada, etc.;
Dictionaries/English grammar/ Language/ Alphabets/ Calligraphy;
"how to" books;
How To
(A better place for the ever growing section) Radio Books;
Murder Mystery
"fan" stuff;
Movies/Entertainment/Rock-n-Roll; Theater (and Theatre);
Music books
(see also hymnals in Biblical category);
"Coffee Table" picture books;
. "fun" books;
Children's books;
' naval books;
Oops! I almost forgot a main category, COOKBOOKS!!!!!.....
Then of course there
's Etiquette...
(and many more)