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My name is Robyn I live in Michigan. I am the adopted granddaughter of J.W. “Joe” Bitner of Littlefield, Texas. I am the adopted daughter, of Joe's daughter Teddye Jo. I am hunting descendants of G.W. “George”, and Lenora Bell Bitner of Littlefield. That is, I am looking for descendants of Albert Dudley, "A.D." Bitner; Jess Fay, "J. F." Bitner; Virgil Lee Bitner; and Jewel Bitner Dillard.

The Bitner's about 1952

Click on this photo in order to see a larger version. You should be able to view the text more plainly on the larger photo.

See the Bitner pictures in the Photo Pages to know more about this picture. There is also a version of this photo without text on it. Just click on it to make it larger.

This is the grave stone marking the graves of G.W. George Bitner (1882-1971) and Lenora Bell Bitner (1887-1985)

I do not have a "fixation" with death. I just wanted the information off the grave markers.

Grave marker of Artice Fern Bitner (1913-1997) and J.W., Joe Bitner (1914-2005).

More Bitner photos can be found in the "photo pages". I have on there some scanned in photocopies of pages from the "Bitner" family Bible which had belonged to Joel Wilson Bitner.  Joel Wilson Bitner is the father of G.W. "George" Bitner.

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