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Our Photo Gallery

Here we have some photos of our life here.  Please look at this whole page, before selecting a page to view.  There may be things you find of interest on more than one page.  I don't want you to view the one page, then leave not realizing that there is more you would have liked to look at. Be Warned: you can click on the smaller photos and then a large version will appear.  The larger photos are huge.  They will take a long while to appear on your screen if you have an old or slow computer.  Sorry about that. I just wanted to provide good quality photos, and a way to view all the details.

This is a picture of Dubhghall in action!



Snow Pictures

Photos taken the evening of December 16, 2008.




Making Tea

This is sort of a photo documentary.  It is best to have the sound on while you view this page.  There is sound with this page. 



Film Found
November 2008
I found four rolls of film laying around the house.  These are photos from those rolls.  I had forgotten what all was on the rolls.



I'm learning how to put video onto this site.  We got a new "fancy" camera.  I am putting some of the video I have taken on here.  Check back often as I may put more on here. I've taken video of our garden, Dubhghall, driving through Toledo, and other things. (Toledo, Ohio, NOT Toledo, Spain.)



Robyn's attempts at painting.  I am no Rembrandt.  I call these "folk art" so I might "get away" with it.


Photos taken with new camera


Robyn's trip to Texas to attend her grandfather's funeral.


Various photos of our lives here from 2005 and 2006. 


Chinese Papercuts

These are handmade in a small village in China. Some of them are for sale. Click on the link above to learn more.  I had to reconstruct this page as it was "eaten" by the program used to make it. Hopefully it came out better this time. Hit the "refresh" button if you see no text.


Stuff From The Garden We Would Like Identified. We scanned in some plants that grow in our yard.  These are a mystery to us. Any help will be appreciated!! 
Would This Fabric Make Good Wallpaper?

Click here to find out more.

Do you know this town? You can click on the photo to view a larger version.  It may take a while to "download" if you have a slow computer.


Two versions of the same photo…  I am wondering what town these are. I have recently found out that it is not De Soto, Missouri.  Someone suggested that it might be, Pacific, Missouri.  I am exploring that avenue. Could it be Valles Mines, Missouri?  Could this be somewhere else in Missouri? 

The one building on the right, has a sign saying, "Times" on it.  Underneath that, I was able to make out a sign saying, "Citizen's Savings Bank".  I can read that from the original photo if I use a magnifying glass.  Above the Coke sign on the left, it looks like M.M.S (maybe) Kebaken General Store.  With a magnifying glass I can make out "General Store".  I know it looks like, "M.M."--- but I could be misreading it.  The suspected "S" and maybe another letter are obscured by the telephone pole. Darn! You can see from the scanned in photo, that indeed it says, Kebaken.  I just can't find any "Kebaken" General Store, via Google. Don't know if the title should be,       "M.M.S?Kebaken" General Store? Judging by the autos, this photo was either taken in the 1920's or 1930's.

My husband's grandfather was Irl R. Weber.  He was from Desoto, Missouri.  His mother's father was named Cole.  The Coles owned a flour mill at Valles Mines, Missouri if I remember correctly. (Jefferson County, Missouri.) Irl R. Weber graduated from Desoto, High School in 1918. He was in the Navy just as W.W.I ended.  He went to Detroit to drive cars from the factory back to the customer in Missouri.  Somehow he ended up staying in Detroit.  He worked at an auto dealership.  He eventually sold cars at the Ford Dealership in Detroit.  He went to work at the Ford Rouge plant in Dearborn in about 1939.  I think these photos were found in Mr. Weber's things, so they should be Missouri.


Photos of Our June 2005 Texas Trip




Trying to Identify old  Photographs:

Willneff and Weber Family? Photos.

    This photo is of Irl Weber.  He last lived in Dearborn Michigan.  We wonder if this photo wasn't taken in Detroit?  If you know where this was taken please let us know.  We found lots more photos that we cannot identify.  If you can help us out on these it would be most appreciated.  Click here to view the index to the Wilneff and Weber photo pages. Solved! Some of these mysteries are now solved.  I was going through the letters back and forth from the distant Weber family members.  Duh!  I forgot what I had in the file.  (Out of sight out of mind!!)  Please read the photo descriptions to find out more. (If it works for me to add text to them.)


Bitner Family Tree Stuff

Stuff I scanned in from the Family Bible.  There is also an old photograph we think are "Hunters".  Please see the page, "Can You Help Us With Some Mysteries Please" to see another "Bitner" item we want help with. If you are, or think you are one of our "Bitners"; AND you want to participate in a family tree, please fill out the "Bitner Family Tree Form" on this web site.  Hit the send button and I will get back with you as soon as I can.


Can You Help Us With Some Mysteries Please?

We have some photos of things we would like to know more about.  We either want to learn who the people are, or we want to know what the object is. Not only do I stick photos of things and people we want help with, I also stick on here "ideas".  We will appreciate any help you can offer us!



Miscellaneous Old Stuff

"Biblical" stuff, some of Mr. Weber's Ford stuff, and other stuff we might run across. You'll want to have the sound on when you view this page.



"Movie" Photos

I was in the area when they filmed the movie "Texasville".  I have here some photos I took during that time. Also I have two photos of Graham, Texas.


Various Photos Found On My Hard Drive. These pages will take a while to download.  They are done as one large picture. There are various photos taken in around 2004. There are four pages.

1. Photos Found On Hard Drive 1                2. Roses   3. Pumpkin History 2004            4. Garden Plants and Flowers


Japanese Scrapbook Photos

Back in the 1980's, I bought a scrapbook at a thrift store in Ft. Worth, Texas.  It is of many wonderful images of people and places in Japan. Maybe you know some of the people in this scrapbook. If you know them, let me know please.



Some Stuff I found in a copy of Moore's Universal Assistant

Caphar Gazette Picture Page


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