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This web site has loads of information on it  Each page is different  Douglas and Robyn have many interests and hobbies  WE are Biblical students  One page has some good Biblical research sites on it  Robyn has a radio hobby  She is also trying to write a radio drama  So there is a radio page as well  There is even a page with our contact information on it  You can contact us about anything you see on this web site  There is more about this site below  Happy Reading

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Caphar in Hebrew     Caphar in an English font that resembles Hebrew      a news paper

Definition of Hebrew 5608 from Strongs Concordance  H5608 ספר sâphar saw-far' A primitive root; properly to score with a mark as a tally or record, that is, (by implication) to inscribe, and also to enumerate; intensively to recount, that is, celebrate: - commune, (ac-) count, declare, number, + penknife, reckon, scribe, shew forth, speak, talk, tell (out), writer.another news paper


Below this title is text that tells the reader about this site  The text of this title is About the Pages on this Site

still life picture of a newspaper glasses and a cup of espresso on a table

Robyn and Douglas have various interests represented by each page on this web site.  Here is a list of the page titles and a brief description of each page:

(There are tons of links on various pages of this site.  Hopefully I gave enough of a description of the page or information on the page, so that you can do a search to find the information if that "link" is broken.  The problem with doing pages of links, is that web sites are always changing.  The address to a page doesn't stay the same. Or they take that page down altogether.  If the links do not work, and you want to read the article anyway, then look at the "Miscellaneous Links Page", under "How To Find "Things" On The Web".)

In no way is any of the "health" information on this site meant to cure or diagnose any disease. This information is merely meant to be, "food for thought". If you are not feeling "right", see a qualified health care professional.  Read all this information with a grain of salt please.  I am not a doctor, who knows, I could get things wrong sometimes.  If you follow any "advice" on these pages, you do so at your own risk.  Always consult a trained medical professional BEFORE starting a diet in order to loose weight; changing your diet drastically; or before you begin an exercise program.  click on this to read a disclaimer in German and English        

bulletThis page of course was the "home" page or "index".  I was welcoming you to our web site and telling you more about it.
bulletFood and Health Pages These are the pages dealing with good food and health subjects.  Not what you normally read and hear as regards healthy eating!!
bulletOur Library  The Catalogue of our library has moved to www.whatdubhghalldoes.org
bullet Remember These Things As You Surf The Web Remember These Things.  Some Bible verses to keep in mind as you surf the Internet.
bullet Fractured History Page  This is my humorous version of history.  I use puns and other figures of speech in my warped retelling of history.  I know how to twist words very well.  If you know history and you do not have a sense of humor, then this page is not for you.  If you know history and you like bad jokes and other humor, then you might like this.  If you don't know history and you want to "get the joke", or you want to know the truth of who or what I am writing about, then look the names and stories up in www.google.com.
bullet Genealogy Page  This is the page where I am writing about the genealogy things I am working on.  I am trying to gather together all the information about the descendants of G.W. (George) Bitner of Littlefield, Texas.  There is a large family tree being done already.  It kind of starts with Joel Wilson Bitner, George's father.  It would be nice to add "our" branch to that tree.  If you are a descendant, of G.W. (George) Bitner, please print out this form and postal mail it to me.  You can get my address if you E-mail me and tell me who you are etc.
bullet Our Favorite Flags Our Favorite Flags from around the world AND why we like them.
bullet List of Our Interests We had translated into various languages a list of our main interests.
bullet Biblical Research Links Some excellent web sites dealing with Biblical subjects. This one should have gone on top maybe, but since it is simply just links to other sites, I stuck it near the bottom.  If we put some Biblical teachings on here, I will stick them up top. I was trying to keep the "writings" and "information" pages up top. Some Adult Content
bulletRobyn's Radio Hobby and Radio Drama Pages
bulletRobyn's Poems Some poems that Robyn has written.
bulletPhoto Gallery The original photo page has some photos we had taken.  There are some silly drawings on there too. You can view it at the bottom of the "photo gallery" page. See, "Caphar Gazette Picture Page".
bullet Miscellaneous Links This is a page with links to things that wouldn't fit by subject on the other pages.  There might be some things other than links on here too.  You just have to see it to believe it.  This covers everything from soup to nuts; fan sites to bottles and murder mysteries.  I even have a reference section.
bullet Contact and Feedback This is one way you can get in touch with us.

Robyn is writing this web site.  She is the one putting it all together.  Douglas may put something on here if he gets in the mood to do so.  Right now it is Robyn's "baby".  Douglas has the final approval before it goes up.  BUT if he doesn't catch the mistakes you can blame Robyn. I am sure there will be some minor grammar and spelling mistakes.  I know no perfect person except Jesus Christ.  (The "I" on here is Robyn. Unless Douglas should happen to write something, but his name will be listed as the author.)

Robyn also had a "blog" (web log or online journal) at http://whatdougalldoes.blog-city.com/  What Dubhghall (Dougall) our cat does.  That was the old blog.  The new one was "Analog Lady in a Digital World". http://radio.weblogs.com/0144432/  If you want to read what I would have stuck on the "new" blog, please read the "Journal" on this site.

Do not "just assume" this is another, "right wing", Christian, "Fundamentalist" web site.  We are "Evangelicals"! "Fundamentalists" may be, "Evangelicals", but not all "Evangelicals" are "Fundamentalists".

This site may or may not be "kid friendly".  I am writing with adults in mind.  I am not being rude or obscene on here really.  I am just writing about things that you may not want young children reading.  The parents must decide if they want their children to read any of this. 

This site is being written and put together starting in November 2003.  Some pages are "old" pages from our other "free" site. (Everything has been added to and expanded some.)  Yes!  This is indeed the "promised" paid for web site.  So if you read anything that relates to "time" on this site it will be relative to the page that that item is on.  Most of the time I don't get time specific.  If I do, I try to qualify the statements so that the reader can figure things out.  I have no idea when or if I will ever update this site.  Probably only if I get some new stuff to stick on here.  (AND I learn how to add stuff to this site once it is up and running.)

Robyn wanted to title this site something to do with writing.  Those who know her well, will know she has the "gift of gab".  The title was chosen partly because of her writing.  She really wanted it to look like a newspaper.  She couldn't find a template for that offhand.  So she picked this one.  The reason for the newspaper references, is sort of a tribute to her father.  Her father was a fifth generation newspaperman. In November, 2003 Robyn had the opportunity to deal with a couple of journalists.  Why they all can't be men of integrity like her father God only knows!

By the way, Robyn is not a feminist.  You will notice as you read this web site, that she uses old fashioned grammar sometimes.  Robyn utilizes the grammatical rule of using the pronoun he for when the gender of the person is not known.  She likes showing her politically-incorrectness and so she uses old-fashioned gender specific nouns and pronouns.  Here is an example of a pet peeve of hers  A woman, whose profession is acting, should never be called an actor.  The only way a woman can be called an actor is if she gets a sex change operation.  Otherwise she is an actress.  I cannot understand why a woman would want to be thought of like a man anyway!  If men are so "evil", then why do feminists spend so much time trying to be masculine!?  I mean, "we" are not supposed to use gender specific nouns.  But the nouns they give us to use instead, are a lot of the time, the MASCULINE form of the noun!!!!  They are NOT always "gender neutral" forms!!  Even the word "lady" is considered offensive!  Urgh!!!!

Hello,  there is a box below this text.  The first one is a "link" to the best free Bible software in the world, "e-Sword".  Next, is one called, "Bible Toolbox".  There should be several things below this text.  Don't ask me how this works.  I just follow the directions. 

e-Sword Home  This is the most wonderful free software available  Just click here to go to their web site

Bible Toolbox  This is a box that allows you to search the Bible and use other research tools

Links to Other Bible Sites

This banner was at http://www.godspeaks.net.  It was a banner that flashed the sayings that are on the black billboards.  I guess it is not available anymore.  It is not working on other sites too.  And I couldn't access the web site today, March 01, 2005.  Maybe it will come back?  Yes!! It has come back.  It is even better now!!!!           



If it works, below should be an "ICQ Time Panel". (There will be a panel with a picture and it will show what time it is.)

These should work as I can view the boxes on my computer now.  I have figured out how to make them boxes and not computer language.  Yea! 

For those who don't know, "Internet Time" is a new universal time standard, where a day (24 hour period) is divided into 1000 ".beat" units.  One ".beat" is equal to one minute 26.4 seconds.  Internet time is the same all over the world.  With "Internet Time" there is one time zone for the world.  Gee! And I had a difficult time learning to read a regular clock.  Now they up and change things. 

Below the "ICQ Time Panel" should be another picture that will allow you to ICQ me.  I am not 100% sure either of these will work.  You will know if you see them or see just text that makes no sense.


camelleopard 22571770
ICQ web based ICQ  You can instant message me via ICQ by using this box

This site is powered by the ICQ2Go Panel  2002 ICQ Inc. All Rights Reserved. Use of ICQ2Go Panel is subject to the ICQ Terms of Service.

If you want to know what the temperature is in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Riga, London, New York, Beijing, and Chicago, then look at the "box" below this. The temps. would more than likely be in metric-- Celsius / centigrade. (I got this off a Russian web site.) To view the box correctly in Windows, you have to go up to "view", click on "encoding" and then click on "Cyrillic Windows", if you have that one available.  If you do not have Windows, OR you do not have that encoding available, then I have no idea how to view the box properly.  You can always look in www.google.com to see how to get your computer to "read" or "view" Russian (Cyrillic) text.  There is a ton of information on how to do that on the net.  Just do a search for "Russian Fonts", and that will pull up the relevant information.  (Just so I cam remember where---it is from www.informer.ru)

If your computer can "read" the Russian text properly, the names of the cities, will look something like the text below.  I have put a chart with the city names in Russian and English. Your computer should be able to view it, because this chart is on here as a picture.

 Chart with the spellings of Kaliningrad Russia Moscow Russia Riga Latvia London England New York USA Beijing China Chicago USA in Russian and English

If your computer cannot view the Russian properly, the text of the weather box will look something like: (with red, green, and blue text rather than just black text like this picture)

What the temperature chart looks like if you do not have the correct encoding to view the Russian

More weather and a currency converter are below.  They are from www.informer.ru.  Then I stuck on here some sports news.  You can see the sports scores and results of major sporting events.  The text is in Russian though.  I am sticking this on here in Feb. 2005.  Right now, there is a NHL hockey lock out.  Some of us miss seeing the Red Wings play.  Until there is some change in the situation there won't be any NHL ice hockey.  To learn more about the sports we like, click here.





Link to: http://www.spamdon'tbuyit.org

picture of girl in library typing on a laptop Title says Email lists Newsgroups etc

Robyn is signed up to several E-mail lists.  There are some on radio, nutrition, and other things.  There are also "Newsgroups".  Newsgroups are on Usenet.  You view it via your E-mail program.  There is every subject known to man on Usenet.  Ask your local computer geek how to sign up for it.  It costs you nothing to join.  They are all free.  They do have etiquette though.  I have gotten into a mess a few times because I did not know the etiquette.  Remember, "FAQ" means "Frequently Asked Questions".  Most newsgroups have a "FAQ" or "Charter" of some sort.  A "FAQ" is a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" along with their answers.  It is good to read the FAQ or the "charter", before you attempt to post on a newsgroup. The "charter" is another list of rules for newsgroups. From what I have seen, the "moderated" ones are the most civilized.  Although, some "moderated" lists are so strict that the slightest infraction is reprimanded. It is best not to get involved in a "flame war".  A "flame war" is a sort of argument via posts or E-mail.  Some of them get malicious and cause people to be disconnected by their Internet company.  Flame wars, can even result in law suits.  I like newsgroups because you can find experts on any subject, say botany, and you can get answers to all sorts of questions.  And then when your interest turns to, sewing, you can leave the botanists and ask sewing questions.  You can view newsgroups without signing up for them via Google Groups.  They have posts going back to 1981.

This list below has some of the more interesting E-mail lists that I am on.  Some of them have HEAVY traffic.  You can subscribe to most of them and then tick the box saying that you do not want E-mail.  That way you can view them online on their web site at your leisure. (If you subscribe to the PEPIS list via the "Yahoo Groups" web site, then you can set it up to view the E-mails online.)  You have to be careful subscribing to E-mail mailing lists. It is increasing that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will consider the mail from the lists to be unsolicited  E-mail or "spam".  If that happens, instead of receiving the E-mails from the list, they will bounce back to the sender, and cause you to be automatically unsubscribed.  It is a pain to have to keep re-subscribing yourself all the time. I have had to do that with Yahoo Groups, quite a bit lately.


bulletOf course I am signed up to a ministry newsletter.  It is from the Christian Family Fellowship in Ohio.  http://www.cffm.org/ .  This is a once a week Biblical teaching by Rev. Wayne Clapp.  You can sign up to it by going here http://www.cffm.org/doc/i_newsletter.shtml.  If you want to view examples of this newsletter, before you sign up, then just view their archive at http://www.cffm.org/doc/inl_archives.shtml



bulletYahoo Groups Beyond Price List  This is a list dealing with Nutrition as taught by the Weston A. Price Foundation.  There is heavy traffic on it so I am "web only".
bulletYahoo Groups Nourishing Traditions UK List This is the U.K. version of the Beyond Price List. Very interesting stuff!!!!  This one has heavy traffic too I think.

Genealogy (Family Tree Stuff):

bulletThere is a famous web site, called "RootsWeb". http://www.rootsweb.com/.  This site has tons of genealogy information and "how to" stuff on it.  Then you can sign up to any sort of list you care to sign up to...  Just go to, their list of lists and look for the ones you are interested in.  http://lists.rootsweb.com/  I am signed up to the "Bitner", and "Somerville" lists.  I would have maybe signed up to the "Macintosh" list too, but that one probably has heavy traffic.  I assume it does, but I did not look to see for sure.  Most if not all the pages for the lists have a chart listing how many posts they have gotten over the months and years.  You can decide if you want to deal with the traffic by looking at that chart.  I think maybe you can sign up to the lists without getting E-mail.  I can't remember exactly if that is correct or not.  You just have to look at the page for each  list in order to see what their rules are. 

Fun Stuff / Hobbies:

bullet Yahoo Groups, Neil Pearson List This list is for fans of the British actor Neil Pearson.  Normally the traffic is fairly light.  In the summer and fall (autumn) of 2003, Neil has been working a lot, so there has been more traffic lately. (That is old information.) Supposedly in the autumn of 2005 he is supposed to be on radio in a comedy series.  And he was filming parts two and three of a television movie in the summer. There isn't a lot of traffic on the list now. (Sept. 2005) But it will possibly pick up soon.
bullet Topica Short Wave Programs List This is the short-wave radio list I am subscribed to.
bulletSpeaking of Actors...this isn't a mailing list, but... There is a Russian actor that I saw in a movie once.  The movie is called, "Burnt By The Sun".  (It should be more accurately translated, "Wearied By The Sun"?)  The actor's name is Oleg Menshikov.  His unofficial web site is at, http://www.menshikov.ru/eng/ . Or you can click on the following box: (If you wonder why I stuck this on here, I am having fun cutting and pasting the HTML Code to make the little boxes all over this page.  As I find an interesting "box" I stick it on here.)

       picture and link to a fan site for Oleg Menshikov www.menshikov.ru

"Political" Information:

bulletPower Elite Public Information Service E-mail List The list is known as "PEPIS".  It has very light traffic.  Maybe three E-mails a year.  It is mainly announcements and articles.  If you like conspiracy theories, this is your list!!  The list deals mainly with the famous "Bilderberg" Group.  Believe it or not, this is not a "right wing" web site.  You should read what they have to say about "property rights" to learn why I am saying this.  If I understand correctly what I read on this site, it is very "socialist" if not maybe "anarchist".  It's not just the "regressives" that are into "conspiracy theories"!!!! The guy who puts this out claims to be a Christian.  If you want to join this list, the hard way, click on the link above.  The page you come to will have loads of information of the sort you will find in messages posted to the list.  Then do a search ("find" in the "edit" menu in Windows) on the page you come to.  Search for "PEPIS" until you find the place to enter your E-mail address.  It is much easier if you just go to their site at "Yahoo Groups" called,  PEPIS http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pepis/?yguid=2658203 you can sign up to the PEPIS list much easier this way.  You can also sign up in such a way, that you can view the E-mails online only.  That way, you don't get their messages in your inbox.   I would read all this stuff with a grain of salt.  It is very interesting to read once in a blue moon.  But be very careful what of it you believe!!!! Depending upon your point of view, you will either laugh at this information, or you will find it interesting.  I find it interesting and disturbing.  I don't like to read too much of it at one time.  It is very comforting to me to know that God has things covered.  In the end "evil" will NOT triumph!!  It is good to know that these things are going on so that we are not "ignorant".  I just do not dwell on these "evil men" very much.  That is why I am glad this list has light traffic.

I got some of the pictures on these pages from the following place.  http://www.isp.on.ca/genealogy/

 Genealogy Graphics by Trial & Error this is where I got some pictures on this web site



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