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This was originally an online journal.  Now, it is a place for the "journal", Bible teachings, essays, and other writings.  There aren't as many Bible teachings on here as I would like.  I hope to get more on here soon. You should see old ledger pages as the background to these pages.  If you do not, then hit the "refresh" button on your browser.

The "journal", is a "public" journal. Hopefully I will have wisdom when I write. The "private" journal is handwritten onto physical paper and that isn't available to most people. (Some people put their private thoughts on paper, but they don't keep them, "private".  A lot of trouble can happen when you do that. )

This journal is what I am doing instead of writing a "blog".  I think this will be cheaper in the long run. (To read a history of my "blogging" efforts, see the "Old Blog Posts" below.)  On top here, you will find the pages that I write to on and off.  Below the green divider, (border) you will find, "one off" things I have written. Let me know if you can read the text on this back ground.  Let me know how you like this.  You never know what may end up on these pages. Keep checking back here to see what has been added.  There will probably be, content suitable only for "adults" on here.  If you don't consider yourself "adult" yet, then you might not want to read this.  Ha! (It's not that I get really "obscene" or anything.  I just write about things at times that are not for children's eyes.)  

If you have any comments to make about the stuff on here please click here.  I will respond sooner if not later.


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My Life Lessons What I am learning in life + "Getting Better"  A sometimes daily journal of sorts. My efforts at "getting better" in life. Some goals, and the progress I am making in accomplishing those goals.  Hebrews 12:14 Try to be at peace with everyone, and try to live a holy life, because no one will see the Lord without it. (A New, New Testament Interlinear) 


Bible Teachings Bible Teachings that Douglas and I have taught in our fellowship.  As we get around to it we will stick the notes to our teachings on here.    


My Adoption Story I am hunting my biological family.  Genealogy information I have on them; the story of how I found out what I know; plus a page of links.


 Writing About Books. (I write about books.) I write about various aspects of books. Garage sale finds and other things that come up as "we" collect books. [Yes! I have frogs in my pockets.] I write about books we have and things I've read. You never know what might end up here.  If you want to see how I came to collect books, see also the section below on "Collecting".



drama writing greek actor etc. hand typed radio drama title

Radio Dramas and other fiction that I wrote myself.  I am learning and experimenting. I am not sure these will always be very good. I am always looking for ways to improve. Let me know what you think. (I know, some of the text on the index page is difficult to read.  I wanted the back ground to show up. I think with some effort it works ok.)

woman at a secretary desk typing on a typewriter


My journey as I write a novel, "The Book-Case Conundrum".  This may not make much sense to you, but you can read it none the less.  If you'd like to make any comments on the "Book-Case Conundrum", please see the feedback page I did up for it.


Not very fancy poetry. Some people I know like these well enough. You don't have to like poetry to like these.


"Posts" or entries from a "blog", (online journal) that I used to have. (You are correct! I "never" throw anything away. Anything "important" that is.) There is a history of my blogging efforts on the index page that you come to.


Film, Cinema, Movies  My take on movies.  Movie memories; movies I like and why; (what makes a "good" movie); writing about types of movies; impressions of the industry; just all sorts about movies.

Movie "Likes" Specific movies that I like and why. Lists---Likes and dislikes in movies + some favorite movies.  The kinds of movies I would like to see more of; memorable movies; etc.



A person with packrat genes writing about her collection of... (and no it's not string!) What I collect, how I came to collect it, etc. To see exactly what all I collect, see the A to Z of Collecting page.


Dish Saga Started January 22, 2006 I'm a big "dish freak".  This page is about buying dishes on eBay to complete Granny's set, etc. September 20, 2007 Ok, I'm going to keep writing to this page.  I'm adding some links on here now.  Expect more stuff as time goes on.


Food and Health Pages These are the pages dealing with good food and health subjects.  Not what you normally read and hear as regards healthy eating!!  Recipes; writings


Favorite and not so favorite things.


A bit about the various pen pals that I have all over the world.


These are the rules to a game Douglas and I play.  We mostly play this in the car when I want to keep the driver awake. Do you know a game called, "Twenty Questions"?  Imagine a similar game with unlimited questions.  "Guess" is that game. 


Winter Page

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November 19, 2005 Don't expect all posts to be like this first one.  This one is just a test.

November 30, 2005 Some of my "pet aggravations". (Not that I stay "aggravated" for long.)  Fundamentalism, Feminism, etc.



Started December 20, 2005

My "War on 'Christmas'" rant.



January 05, 2006 Musing on a little tea pot... + the "Ham" radio book I got today...  


January 13, 2006 Ye Olde Immigration Rant


Started February 04, 2006 Musing On Butter Fat Writing about food history in general and also family food history.  Dishes my Granny made, stories my grandfather told me, etc.


Art and Science Page Writing about Art, and science/ Intellectualism and Anti-intellectualism. I know what I tried to say.  I'm not sure it come out "right" though.  I think I was sleepy when I wrote some of this. It might need some help so that it reads smoother.


September 9, 2006 Interesting outline, written by hand, that I found in the front of the book, "Chief Modern Poets of England and America".




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